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How to Fix the 5 Biggest GTM Problems Holding You Back From Scaling Your Revenue and Creating an Unforgettable Brand

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Written By,Mark Kilens, CEO and Co-Founder of TACK and ClubPF. Previously VP of Marketing at HubSpot and Drift, and CMO of Airmeet.Nick Bennett, CCO and Co-Founder of TACK and ClubPF. Previously Sr. Director of ELG & Evangelism at Airmeet and Director of Marketing at Clari and Alyce

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Day 1: Revenue Ramp-up: What’s stopping your B2B brand from scaling and how to fix it? (Hint: New GTM framework)Day 2: Partnership and Profit Power Play: Learn 8 practical frameworks for lower acquisition costs and higher conversions.Day 3: Outreach Overdrive: 20 strategies to never run out of pipeline.Day 4: Demand Creation Blueprint: How to create, capture and convert demand into revenue for your B2B business?Day 5: Viral Velocity: Generate endless sales (Using ultimate word-of-mouth flywheel).

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